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Water Damage Testimonials

Luis and his team were professional and always helpful. Nothing else to add

The SERVPRO team did a fantastic job at our house! Very friendly and knowledgeable!

I am so pleased that I have Luis a hug before he left.

Luis was prompt in his service and very professional

Thank you, Luis, and your crew for your quick response. I have a lung disease and need to be out of that mess asap. Boxing and moving would have been impossible by myself.  Luis instructed his crew in the right direction and it was done quickly. Overall everything went just as he said.  Thank you so much!

I appreciated the quick responses, great communication, and that they wore a mask! The team was on time every day and made sure to clean up after themselves daily. Services we received were painted within the house, vinyl flooring, baseboards, and drywall. Luis, the manager, is very personable and listens thoroughly. We are very happy with the service from SERVPRO and will be using them again shortly for other home projects!

I contacted SERVPRO Westminster at the suggestion of our insurance agent, and Luis and his team came out right away. They immediately found out what the problem was, connected me with a plumber to get it fixed, and was instrumental in communicating the issues with our insurance claims adjuster as well. His team was always very prompt to arrive, courteous, wore protective gear at all times, and were absolutely meticulous in their work. Luis is a true professional in his field, very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him and his team.

I had a leak under the slab in the kitchen of my house. I call SERVPRO of Westminster and they sent out Luis Castro and his team. Luis was always supportive and was available when I called him. The "Team" are wonderful people, kind, and were very helpful to make sure all issues were addressed in a very timely manner. If I ever have another home mishap, I would not hesitate to call them again!!! Thanks, SERVPRO of Westminster.
Dave A.

Had water damage and everything was a mess. SERVPRO got my back. Their service was fast and good. Highly recommended!!

Just as the covid-19 virus hit we had a hose break on our washing machine causing extensive water damage in 5 rooms including our kitchen. We didn’t know where to start or if we would even have help because of the virus. Luis came in and arranged everything. He became the mediator with our insurance. We virtually did nothing and his incredible staff came in, emptied and removed all the damaged cabinets and flooring and opened our walls to dry out everything so we would not get mold. He arranged for professional storage of our piano and is storing all of our furniture until repairs can be done. To accomplish all of this he had at 10 people here and they were so efficient, packing everything for us in such a way that you would never guess so many were here. I can’t even put into words how amazing all of them were. So organized and quiet. When something like this happens you fear the unknown and can’t imagine how to handle such a huge job. It’s absolutely overwhelming. Luis gave us the comfort and peace of mind that we needed. Together with our insurance we are moving forward much faster than anticipated. There is no way to thank them except to encourage anyone who has a similar situation to call them. You will be so happy that you did. Thank you Luis and to your staff my sincerest gratitude also.  

Luis is the best! He's been helping me with my mom's place that sustained major water damage and has went above and beyond so far.

Always answers calls/texts in a timely manner - most of the times within minutes but never more than a few hours.

Super patient even with all the communication going back and forth between all the parties and even handled some himself. To top off, he gives tons of reassurance everytime I doubt something or am unsure of certain processes especially when it comes to the insurance.

Not all SERVPRO's are the same and I don't know who else is at this location but Luis is the person to go to. I've already referred a family friend over that had her own issues and was lost on what to do!

Roof leaked a day after xmas last year.  Insurance recommended trying our local SERVPRO for immediate assessment and mitigation.  I'm glad I did.  Luis and the team were prompt, ontime, and professional throughout the process.  I was always informed in a timely manner.  Really appreciate the attention to detail and communication!

I had water damage from the second floor that leaked through the ceiling and down to the first floor. SERVPRO is professional and honest, they got my house nice and dry in a timely manner.



We had a excellent experience with SERVPRO . The manager Luis went above and beyond our expectations. He communicated with us every step of the way. I highly recommend this company for all your water damage needs.

Luis was great. We had major water damage and Luis was very calming to work with, he was always available and responsive. I knew what was going on at all times. I would recommend SERVPRO and Luis to anyone.

I would recommend SERVPRO of Westminster to make a devastating disruption of our lives as minimally evasive as possible... Louis took care of everything explaining exactly what the water damage had done and how the process would proceed and put my mind at ease as my dream kitchen was only a year old ! His crew was very professional and Louis kept contact with me all through the whole process if you ever find yourself with disastrous situation like mine SERVPRO are the people to call and be sure and ask for Louis ! He'll make it a lot easier on you and yours and get the job done would not hesitate to recommend him and his professional crew !!!! 

I would highly recommend SERVPRO. I called them at a last minute thing. I had big water leak and I had no idea of what to do. They came in with their machines and put them to work. They were very quick to pack us out. very neat and organized. 

We called SERVPRO of Westminster after an upstairs toilet sprung a leak and damaged the bathroom floor and the ceiling of the room under it.  Luis showed up on time for the initial inspection with took about 15 minutes to complete.  Their estimate to do the work was promised by the end of the day, it was in my email within about 2 hours.  Luis' team showed up on time and worked quickly to set up barriers not only in the affected areas but on the floors leading up to all work areas.  They took down drywall and broke up tile (unfortunately the subfloor was just too wet and damaged to dry with it in place), treated the lumber and set up dryers all in about 3 hours. They made sure all debris was removed from the house and carted it away with them when they left.  Drying process took about 3 days and Luis maintained contact with us throughout the project.  On removal day they showed up early and took us around using meters to show us the, formerly completely saturated wood, was now down to around 9% moisture content.  Very satisfied with their work would highly recommend.

Great service, professionals on top of it, punctual. And Luis was especially helpful on walking me through everything. Thank you Luis!

I was so devastated when my home flooded and had no idea what to do. I was lucky enough to come across Luis from SERVPRO who was able to answer any questions I had. They came to my home almost immediately and cleaned up all the mess. They made everything so much easier to deal with. They are very experienced and professional. Luis Castro is very knowledgeable and is very easy to talk to and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

We had a very good experience with SERVPRO of Westminster.  Luis Castro and his crew was very professional and efficient.  He was helpful and went the extra mile to see that we were satisfied.

Thank you Luis C and your team SERVPRO for the quick response and great work you guys did as I needed in response of the emergency I had at home!.

"Luis was great to work with, and made my mom very comfortable, which was very important to us"

The team sent to our job was very professional, knowledgeable and prompt!

Luis and his crew are very polite and professional. Thank you SERVPRO of Westminster team! 

They are very professional and knowledgeable in their job. 

With my unexpected damage from a pipe burst, I so appreciated Luis' professional attitude and his excellent customer service! 

Luis, Mario, and their team did a fantastic job. Luis was on the job within 1 hour from the time of my call. Our neighbor upstairs flooded our condo and these guys took action right away to preserve our home. To give you an idea, Luis was faster in getting me my insurance company's adjuster contact information before my insurance adjuster even contacted me in the first place. Luis was available at all times and you can trust his team. Luis and Mario were extremely thorough with everything they did, and I recommend SERVPRO of Westminster.

First time homeowner and I had a pipe burst in my kitchen. My plumber recommended SERVPRO.
Louis Castro at  SERVPRO Westminster called me promptly. He was so professional and held my hand throughout the process. He called me every day and asked me how was I doing. He help me contact my insurance company to expedite the restoration. I don't know what I would have done with out them.  My kitchen is dry and there is no sign of mold. Please don't hesitate to call them.

-Bon. T


    I had come home from a weekend vacation to find it fell victim to a sewage leak throughout all 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Immediately after I filed a claim with my Insurance company, they got me in contact with SERVPRO. I was connected with Luis that same night. After I explained the situation, he even offered to come out that same night to begin the initial inspection/cleaning. He was very flexible with my scheduling requests and showed up first thing the following morning with his team. Throughout the whole process, from cleaning, removing the damaged areas, to moving all my belongings safely out, to then coming back and moving all my stuff back in the way it was prior to tear down and removal. He always responded to my calls and inquiries and stayed true to his word on every step in the process. Luis and his team were very professional and accommodating to my inquiries and requests. I would recommend Luis and his team for anyone that would require this type of service, because I would know they would be getting excellent customer service during this frustrating and inconvenient time.

    Thanks again, Luis!

    Eric S.